Outlook 2010 – Add Conference Details to Appointments

Are you a project manager. Do you use Outlook to create meetings every day and have Teleconferencing info and Web Conference Details. I am sure you do a lot of copy pasting and are always eager to ensure that you have sent the correct details.

Well, good news ! I created an Outlook Add-In for it (I have tested it for Outlook 2010 – If you are interested,Leave a comment I will post the Outlook 2013 version and you can test it for me ).

Please download it from HERE

The Add-In should be fairly easy to install once you download it.

Here are some instructions

  • Unzip and Click on the Setup.exe, The installation should be fairly quick
  • Once you have installed , Please restart your Outlook.exe (If already running, If not, just start it)
  • Try and create a new appointment / calendar invite
  • You will see a new Tab in the ribbon called the “My Teleconference” (if you don’t see this, ensure you have restarted the Outlook. If it still doesn’t work, it might not have installed properly


  • Please click on Configure/Change – You will get the settings window. Fill in the details and click on Save Settings


  • After you are done, you can from then on use the Fill Telecon Details on any Calendar appointment and it will fill the details

NOTE: Please be advised, that the body will be added to and not replaced, so you don’t loose what you were typing. However, if you click multiple times, the conference details will also be added multiple times

The below shows the output


I hope this is helpful. If you would like more features, do leave it in the comments.

Till next time ….


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