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HAProxy for Exchange 2010–Part 2 (Redundancy)

After I wrote the blog for using HAProxy ( for Exchange 2010 in order to reduce a few thousand dollars from your budget of purchasing a load balancer. Now though that blog would have helped people in doing a Proof of Concept, there is some thing that is missing from it. REDUNDANCY!!! Yes, the whole idea of load balancing is to remove the single point of failure, but what if the Load balancer is the new single point of failure ? yes, that’s why we need two of them For the people who are reading this first, please read the Now, once you have read through it, you should know that this is a working load balancer example and Steve has also created a VMWare solution for it. Now, this is brilliant if the load balancer stays up, but we have to plan for the worse. Though, I haven’t seen the HAProxy crash “Knock on wood”, we still need a redundant solution. This blog will explain only the d…

How to SaaS-ify your .NET Application

Lately, I have been working on designing Cloud based Datacenters and suggesting Cloud Solutions for customers, etc. I have evaluated quite a few vendors at different spaces in the cloud (Infra, Platform, Security, etc.). I thought, I would share one of the most asked questions by customers. Q: How do I SaaSify (or SaaS enable) my application ? Before I jump on to answering that question, I would like to draw some background here, I believe in my prior blogs, I did mention about what is Cloud and all the other stuff (which you may not care about) . In this section, we will look at SaaS So, lets start from the basics, the “Necessity”…Quite frankly, the primary need for cloud is to ‘Get more Bang out of the buck’ and that all … Isn’t it always about it? Almost, the cloud however also provides other features like availability, resiliency, yada yada … Lets answer the following question … Q: What is SaaS? Let’s take a look at software! How can I get more from the investment that I have …