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Exporting Contacts out of Blackberry with Windows Contacts

So, you are trying to get your contacts out of your blackberry and sync it to your Android / iPhone / Windows Phone, or just want to sync it to your Google account for backup purposes. Here are a few tips that will get you started – I have just enumerated some methods.Option 1: Use Blackberry Desktop 6 (Manual) (Not the most updated software) – It can directly export out your contacts out in the CSV Format. Please read the official How-To hereOption 2: Using Blackberry Desktop 7 (Manual)If you have a Blackberry Desktop 7 – Which most likely you may end up having, here is how you can do it – For people who don’t want to use the sync (Option 3)Step 1: Backup BB Contacts to Windows Contacts Connect your Phone to your Windows (Assuming you have Windows 7/8/8.1) Click On Organizer Select Configure Select “One-Way to Your Computer and Windows Contacts (You may Sync it to your outlook, but that’s not covered in this blog) Click on Sync Organizer (Sync All) on the bottom right of window. This…