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Kaise Tumhare Dar Hum Aaye

We have been engrossed so much in the material world that without His grace there is no way of pulling ourselves up. A song dedicated to this feeling …. Kaise tumhare dar hum aaye
Kis vidhi tere darshan paye
Kai janmo se aas lagaye
Aan milo hari daras dikahye Kaise tumhare dar hum aaye
Kis vidhi tere darshan paye Prabhu Pankaj tum Keechad jaise
milenge tumko bolo kaise
Duniye aise prashn uthaye
laj rakho prabhu ab ur aaye Kaise tumhare dar hum aaye
Kis vidhi tere darshan paye janam janam se daag lagaye
aham dambh hum tyaag na paye
nirmal karo hume apnaye
tere bina nahi koi sahaye Kaise tumhare dar hum aaye

Exposing a SQL DB through a WCF Service using Entity Framework

Its been a long time since I have written a blog. I had to implement a SQL database for an application and we needed to have exposed as a WCF endpoint. While there are several tutorial on how to do this, i thought it will be a good idea to show the simple and the quick way that we followed Things neededSQL ServerMicrosoft Visual Studio 2012 This are two parts, creating the service and then the Client DLL. Part 1 : Creating the WCF ServiceStep 1: Create the DatabaseCreate a SQL database, its tables, its relationships as you normally would.If there are any tables with binary columns, then please be informed that it should be excluded from the WCF service. Step 2: Creating the EDMX fileCreate a new ASP.NET Empty Web Application in a new solution, call it what you like, I am it the TestDataModelOnce this is done, its time to add the EDMX file. In order to do so Right click and add new item.Choose ADO.NET Entity Data model and give it the name TestDataModel.edmx Select Generate from Databa…