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Inception ... Concept

This post has been long coming .... Not long, but since I had seen the movie Inception ... A lot of people I know never understood this movie on the first attempt (That includes me) but after I did, I was shocked to know the startling similarities (conceptually) between the movie and what is written in the Vedas ...

I thought, I would point them out here. Again, I am not doing a review of the movie, just merely typing in my understanding of it.

Inception is the movie, where Cobb is an excellent thief, who gets into people's dreams and steals thier thoughts, ideas and secrets from thier subconcious ( I am tempted to write about the Human brain and its conscious states, but I would refrain... May be some other time ), Now he is given a task to plant an idea instead, people on his crew think that its impossible, but he took the Job as he had incepted an idea in his wife before, which came to cause her death and it haunts him even today.

The part to notice is the dream in a dream c…