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Configuring Multicasting with Juniper EX switches (Part 1)

Configuring multicast routing using Protocol Independent Multicast in a all Juniper environment is as simple as the Cisco environment, but when I searched, I dint find good articles or KB’s explaining this, so I decided to write one. I am fairly certain that if you have searched and arrived at this post, you know the basics of multicasting and IGMP, but yet, for the benefit of all readers, I will in brief describe the need for multicast. Please note, that this is just the IPv4 version of the story presented in a understandable manner and not all aspects of multicast are covered, but only the ones needed for this post. What is Multicast ? In IPv4 we have 3 kinds of packets, Unicast – One Source, One Destination Broadcast – One source and all destinations Multicast – One source and many destinations Now, all of us are familiar with the first one, we use it almost every minute we are on a network connected equipment. To, explain all this, lets choose different examples 1. Phone cal…