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Download Videos directly on your BlackBerry / Mobile Device

This era is all about media and mobility, now who doesnt know youtube, people stream songs all the time and now a days from their mobile devices.

Now we know a lot of ways to get videos down to our computers and then back to our phones, but now, you can download it any time on the go from your blackberry / mobiles (Not the iPhone, thanks to the iTunes restriction)

go to from your blackberry browser and search for the video, it will do the searching on youtube, metacafe and others and get back to you with the results, click on any video and then let the site process the video for some time, then click on Hi or Reg (For High resolution / Regular) , it will then prompt you to save the file, and you are all set .

[EDIT] (Thanks to Kozima for pointing this out)... You can use this site as well and it gives a better video quality 

Happy Downloading

Dark Matter ... or should we say "Karshati iti Krishna"

In the grand scheme of things, this (Dark Matter) is probably a very important discovery (Other than the fact that they found bacteria made of arsenic) in the recent past.

I was very keen to find out what it is and went and did some research on what our scientists had found.... It was amazing just reading about the theory, Here is the excerpt ...

According to scientists, our universe was filled with "void" which was proven by the fact that the transverse waves pass through it and the longitudinal don't ... Now the scientists have another interesting theory, the existance of "Dark matter", the matter that we cannot see and hence termed as dark matter. Now if we cannot see it, how do we detect it? Its simple, by the basic physics law of gravitation, we found that the universes were all bound together in an unbelievable manner and if we consider that it was void, they couldn't attract each other and it would all fall apart in the sense expand at a much faste…