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HAProxy Load Balancer with SSL Offloading

In my previous blog, where I mentioned how to use HA Proxy( – Open source Load balancing Solution) based load balancer for Exchange 2010 (Link to Post), I had a few requests on how to do the SSL offloading as well. If you have followed that guide, you have your SSL certificates hosted on the Exchange Hub CAS servers. Microsoft does suggest to use the SSL on the boxes, but you can offload it as well, please remember that I am writing this for a generic https server and we will be using 2 open source products.
We will use HA Proxy for the Load balancing and the Pound for the SSL offloading. Now, for this purposes, I have used a single box, but for production machines, you may want to make a HA Pair of Linux box, which I will cover in a different post.
I have been running HA Proxy in the exchange environment and it is great, the only thing, I could ask for is source port based persistence .
Anycase, back to the topic. Here is how the architecture will look like.

Juniper Aggregate Interfaces (LACP/No LACP)

Last week, I was implementing link aggregation on Juniper EX Series switches (EX4200). I was moving them off HP switches and putting them into Juniper. We were moving VMWare ESX boxes, NetApp and some physical boxes, though the configuration is very simple, I would like to mention how to do those with these boxes. Points to remember: You will explicitly need to create “Aggregated Ethernet” interfaces on juniper You cannot have more than 64 AE interfaces on a single Virtual Chassis You cannot change the algorithm for load balancing between the multiple links. (If you are interested in the Junipers LAG algorithm read this ) Now having said this, lets look at the common steps, you need to create the Aggregated Ethernet interfaces on the Juniper. root@EX4200#set chassis aggregated-devices ethernet device-count 4 The above command will create 4 “ae” interfaces, after you commit, you should see ae0 – ae 3 created. You can have any value between 1 and 64 in the place of the 4. Please also…