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Visit to Sydney – Telepresence Training

This trip was for a period of a week.  I was chosen with two other people from my company (Nayan Mistry & Rahil Yousuf) . Below is the picture of the entire team. From Left, Binga (Student From Nigeria), Nayan Mistry (Principal Consultant, ML), Neil Anderson (Trainer, CCIE (Voice), Fast Lane),  Alok. A. S (Tech Specialist, ML) & Rahil Yousuf (Sr. Consultant, ML)So that was our team. I and Rahil had flown in from Bangalore and Nayan had flown in from Mumbai. After reaching there on Sunday, It came as a bolt of shock to me that Sydney closes down by 5. I thought, what the hell. I mean, for a city like Sydney, I would have never guessed it, but that was a fact. We stayed in the hotel room on Sunday owing to the fact that we were tired from the journey and a bit Jet Lagged. Next day, we went in for the training and met Binga, the other student from Nigeria and our trainer, Neil Anderson. Neil was from Scotland and this being my first encounter with a Scottish person, I found his a…