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Networking for the future

Networking NeedsThe Next Gen networking needs can be broadly listed down as the following · More network layer 2 partitions · Programmatically and dynamically shape the traffic · Dynamically control the flow of traffic · Automated provision of the networking resources · QoS extensibility · Security of the network We also need to keep into mind that the IPv4 pool has officially exhausted, so these needs are applicable to both IPv4 (existing networks) and IPv6. In order to full fill these needs there is not a single technology but a group of them which can work alongside each other. But the needs clearly mention that there needs to be software involved in the networking. Hence the umbrella term SDN – Software Defined Networking is coined. Software Defined NetworkingTraditionally the routers/switches have had proprietary software inside them which took the decisions to forward packets and where to forward them. These software’s were proprietary and were controlled by companies wh…