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VMware vCAC Dynamic Property Dictionaries

Hello, Its been a long time since I have blogged about some thing, so I thought, I would make up for it with a small goodie. If you have used vCAC, I am sure you have used property dictionaries. Now for the un-initiated, property dictionaries in vCAC (version 5.1 – 6.0.1) have all a single purpose, in order to get an input from the user while requesting a machine. This is by far one of the most helpful OOB (Out of Box features) for customizing the front end form. I wouldn’t take much time by explaining what this is – There have been enough blogs for that Please read to understand what I am talking about. When you get to the part of creating an XML, continue reading the blog However, I have written a quick utility for you to download and generate the XML using a CSV file. I am sure the CSV file will be much easier to understand, manage, etc. Download the XML Generator from HEREOnce you have downloaded, and starte…