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How to tackle “Network” related challenges in a Cloud – Part 1

So, we all know Cloud is the new buzz word in the IT industry and most of the companies are looking at using the Cloud in some form or the other. This has led the CIO’s to ask one question“What issues do we foresee in moving to the Cloud?”Even before we hear this question come out, we have a slew of topics that are presented on the same topic. This includes, Cloud Security, Cloud Integration, Cloud Management, so on and so forth. Once issue that often gets missed, or given low priority is “Networks”, which are the basic life line of any Organization. Since network is so transparent that people talking about compute environments tend to overlook it. If you are reading this, and going how is network impacted. Is it always impacted? In order to be able to answer these questions, we need to consider the following · What is my current model · What part of my Infrastructure will be cloud enabled? · What Cloud model am I considering? Depending on these questions, we may have to assess h…