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Installing 64 Bit software with Guest Agent in vCAC 5.2

So you have set up your vCloud Automation Centre, followed the guide, put in multiple hours creating the enterprise groups, provisioning groups, reservations, blueprints, etc. Heck you have even customized / created some of the vCAC’s workflows and now, you just want to install some software after the machine is provisioned, you decide to use the Guest agent on windows. You followed some guides (i.e. The Operating guide) or this blog You have edited the InstallSoftware.js file (detailed in the above mentioned link) So for so good … You have for the testing purposes created a set of custom properties like given in sample and you are able to create the “Hello World “ Batch file (some thing that’s described here ) Now, you walk up to your boss and say, hey its ready! The system can now be used, your boss smiles at you happily and says, Excellent! please create a script that instal…