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Quantum Mechanics … Why is it tough to understand?

So, in my quest of learning, I am now doing some research around Sankhya Shastra and also complementing it by the current knowledge that we humans posses in the field of Quantum Mechanics. I was also refreshing the knowledge I already seem to have on the topic, which I have to be honest is very basic. I am not a physicist, hence, I don’t do actual experiments, nevertheless I am decent enough with thought experiments based on the things that I have learn before While I was reading up and enhancing my knowledge in the field, I was also meeting up with some friends and acquaintances, when I spoke to them about QM, they seemed to have no idea about it. Though we are all taught the uncertainty principle, the photo electric effect and the work of Bohr, Einstein and Planck and a few notable others which form the basis of the Copenhagen interpretation of QM in schools, not many people actually understood it and no one ever wants to talk about it. I wondered, why did people not understand QM…