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Auto/Bulk Add devices in Cacti

Hi folks, I was doing some work with Cacti, and I had to add multiple devices in the graphing console automatically. Actually, the script is still incomplete and I have only added the graphs that don’t need a Data queries. This system consist of custom host templates and scripts (Like using iControl for F5 Monitoring and WebAPI for Bluecoat Monitoring), I may post those scripts later, but I thought, you could use this as a starting point. For people who are wondering, cacti is a open source rrdtool based monitoring system, with a huge user base I must say. ( . It has multiple plugins which makes it even more fun to use. Ok, things to note before you go on using the Script Cacti system, built and ready The graphs will be added in tree with subdivisions as areas. In my case, I divided into (Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe and Middle East) This script adds the device and decides the zones by the domain name. You need another bootstrap script to call this for adding mult…

Cloud Computing …. Designing a Private Cloud

Sorry folks, sorry for not being able to update my blog for a long time. I have been working on designing Cloud based solutions for Private Cloud. So, I thought, I will share some insight here. I am writing this with the perception that the readers have no or very little knowledge about the Cloud computing, so please forgive me if at certain places I point the obvious. Hope, you like the entry and let me know your views in the comments section.
Introduction:Cloud Computing is the recent buzz word in the IT industry, but as the name, it also does not have a clear or well defined standards or structure or even capability matrix. As a result, it is also the most abused word in the IT industry. With all the jargon out there, it becomes pretty confusing. I attempt to give an insight in all of those. The document is majorly on PaaS (Plat form as a Service) What is Cloud Computing:Although there are multitudes of definitions out there, I think it would be safe to define, “Cloud Computing”, …