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RSS... Is it Really Simple?

RSS, acronymn for "Real Simple Syndication". You would have seen this symbol a million times and some have heard in 'high funda' discussions. For some of 'Not So Geeky' people out there, I am just going to try and demystify this for us and see what this really is and how this can be put to our use in our daily life style and save some of our web time.
As the name indicates, this is really quite simple. You dont need to know anything about the technology to use it and its quite simple to use as well, so before we dive into how to use it, lets answer a few questions
Is it for me?
Of Course, this is for anyone and every one. Say you have a few favorite blog writers, and you dont want to miss anything they write, So what do you do... Normally, we go to thier blogs and check, some of us do it every day, and when there is nothing better to do, we probably refresh the web pages every hour. To our dismay, the authors might not have updated any thing.
Another example for…


Yesterday, after I just created my blog, I was having a chat with one of my friends, whose blog I follow regularly, I was asking him for a few pointers on how to go ahead with this and he told me to first decide on a "Genre" for the blog. He suggested that it be technical. I think, I will go with his suggestion, but I will try to make it a little less boring and probably digress into other genres as well.... by which I mean, my blog will not have a genre as such but will be mostly oriented towards technology, so do leave out comments which would enable me to make this informative for you ... thanks

First Blog

I once heard this fancy word, "Blog" and did not know what it meant, let alone how to... So I decided to look and find out for myself... After looking through blogs, I've decided to write my own, so here it is... my first blog and the first post of it ...