What do the planets tell us ….

Now, just a forewarning, this is not a blog which will teach you the tricks of the trade of Astrology (maybe I will write about that some other day), today this blog is about, how or why astrology works and to what extent. I have heard a lot of people asking, is it real, is it not just some one trying to scare us to dupe money out of us. The answer, well… its both, depends on who you see.

Astrology (or as the world comes to know it – Vedic Astrology) has been around for millennia. It is one of the very profound science. However, its complicated and hence people don’t learn it fully or even to a decent extent and become astrologers. Now, beware of the people who show you something bad in your fate and try to get your money. Before, i start about some details that I plan on covering today, let me tell you one basic law that i will be falling back to in the entire course of this blog. “Everything is energy”, now what do I mean by that? well, everything that you see or don’t see has originated from energy. Also, everything carries its particular energy signatures. Now if you are a student of quantum physics, and you know about the Feynman diagrams, you will know that all interaction in that micro cosom is controlled by energy particles like photons, graviton, etc (in general Bosons). That’s as far as our present scientific knowledge in terms of the energy domain, however, I can quote some deeper concepts from the Sankhya Shastra, but for the fear of digressing, the rule is every thing is energy and energies interact amongst themselves. For the sake of understanding, i am going to give example in the wave domain of energy

Now, that being said, lets talk about the Vedic astrology, in this, when a child is born, we prepare some thing called as “Kundali” (which literally means the coiled position of a snake). There are 12 houses in this Kundali and depending upon the time and place of the birth of the child, various planets are positioned with relation to themselves. This we call the birth chart. People use this birth chart for predicting the child’s future to an insanely accurate value (if you know how). Now, you may ask, don’t we have free will ? The answer is, we do, then how can some chart predict the future. The answer is the chart just predicts the energy interactions between different planets and the planets energy intersect with our own which controls the physical and our mental state, which when analyzed properly will give rise to what may happen in the future.

I will give you an example, the charts will tell us that the person will be mentally disturbed un focused and , and he will be quickly angry, you can easily guess what comes next right ? Accidents, Fights, Job losses, etc. Well, that is a logical extension isn't it ? I have only taken an example of 2 attributes here, but we have about 108 emotional states (the nine energies – of Nava Durga or Prakriti (translation : Nature) in 12 houses), all of these energies  ) and combination of these govern the state of body and mind of any human being and hence can help in predicting the future. There are different houses in the birth chart, all of these have a different significance, 1st house is for ones body, 2nd for parents, 9th for spouse and so on. Int his blog, i will ask a few questions, which are mostly asked and answer them so we can have a understanding.

So, question number 1, why are the planets there where they are at the time of birth of a child. Well, I may sound a bit far fetched, but every action of ours gives out an energy in a very minute form, please remember that energy isn’t good or bad, its just phase shifted with reference to other energies, these energies don’t leave our side as the law of conservation of energy prohibits energy from being created or destroyed, these energies come in to interaction with other energies of the universe, and kind of settle themselves in relation to other energies, this constantly keeps happening every microsecond our our lives. When a soul is born, it is just manifestation of that energy into the Kundalini’s of the new body that the soul is chosen, the energies come with it. In order to further simplify this, imagine a point in relation of other energies, as the energies convolute, this energy moves with it, and then appears at a time and place which is suitable for that energy. So, it wont be wrong to say that the child carries the planets with him (or is carried by them).

Question number 2, Why the planets. The answer to this, you may have already figured, its not just the planet, its all the energy in the entire universe, how ever, the energies are more profound as the distance decreases. In astrology, Nakshatras (or constellations) are also concerned, but they have a little less effect as the distance is a little more than that of the plants, so its the entire universe acting on each other and staying in the equilibrium. All of them can be analyzed.

Question number 3: Why does a certain planet impact a certain quality: The answer to this is again simple, resonance. The energies of different frequencies are emitted by different planets, and have the impact on the resonant frequencies on earth. The matter has the same frequencies of the energy that it is made of and hence we have controlling planets, for example moon controlls the mind and (it also controls the water) and we know that mind (or thoughts) flow as water, sun controls the eyesight, so on and so forth. Please remember that these are also the secret of mantra’s as they create vibrations of different frequencies, which have different effect on body, mind, matter, etc.  When a person gives you mantras in order to remediate some of your energy phase shift, they are just giving you a way to vibrate in a mode which will lower that phase difference or amplitude of the energy

Question number 4: What happens to the actions that we do in the present: Its again going to emit small amounts of energy, unless you do a certain action so many times that the resultant energy is compounded, you will not see much of a difference. Its the same concept of Sin and good deed, its basically energies which will impact you in the future and if you do a great amount of it, the results and effects may start showing immediately.

Question number 5: Is it essential to match Kundali during marriage: The Astakoot method of kundali matching is nothing more than a psychic profiling of the bride and the groom in terms of compatibility, its the matching of most fundamental energies that you may not even know exist in you, but please remember, this is the case of arranged marriage. If you love some one (truly), and have been in a relation ship for the sake of love (don’t fool yourself here), then this becomes absolutely unnecessary, as both of you have learnt to live with the other persons energy phases and possibly got accustomed to it. While the energies may change the thought process, and so on, but lf the love is strong enough then it will conquer it.

I guess these questions help you understand the science behind this ancient art. I know, I have not done justice to this topic, if you are interested, let me know in the comments with questions if you have any and i will expand this further to the best of my knowledge. I hope, you have a few of your questions answered.


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