Trip to Portland, OR

I have been recently travelling for work and I got to travel to the West Coast for work. I was travelling to Portland in Oregon to work for a Client and redesign their network. The work was fun !!! (I know what you are thinking … Yeah right Smile )

Well, Honestly, the work was not bad. I actually enjoyed working there, there is one more thing that I really enjoyed….. Natural Beauty !!!

Portland (and Nearby places) was one of the most beautiful destinations I had seen in US from a Natural Beauty standpoint. Over the weekends, I could just pick a direction and drive and I was sure to come across some awe inspiring natural beauty (Which did inspire me to go learn HDR photography). I did visit a lot of places over weekends out of which a few were

  • Crater Lake
  • Mount Rainier
  • Mt. Hood
  • Washington Park – Rose Garden
  • Cannon Beach

So On and so forth…. Every place had its own charm (Though it got boring after a while… it was really beautiful)


My first visit was to Crater Lake. I drove down to Crater Lake from Portland with one of my colleagues. Since we started a little late, We decided to go to Grants pass and then the next day get to Crater Lake.


The whole experience was Chilling and Thrilling, we had fun snow fighting, but we did really miss skiing as we did not have the skiing gear with us. Though we travelled during Jan 2011, we were lucky not to have rains and was a clear day.

The other trips were as beautiful as this one. I was so impressed  by the complete experience. I am told that the place looks beautiful during the summer , so I am looking forward to another visit during summer and hope it is worth the visit ….

I will upload more pictures as soon as I have them (They are still sitting in my Cameras memory card)


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