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This post has been long coming .... Not long, but since I had seen the movie Inception ... A lot of people I know never understood this movie on the first attempt (That includes me) but after I did, I was shocked to know the startling similarities (conceptually) between the movie and what is written in the Vedas ...

I thought, I would point them out here. Again, I am not doing a review of the movie, just merely typing in my understanding of it.

Inception is the movie, where Cobb is an excellent thief, who gets into people's dreams and steals thier thoughts, ideas and secrets from thier subconcious ( I am tempted to write about the Human brain and its conscious states, but I would refrain... May be some other time ), Now he is given a task to plant an idea instead, people on his crew think that its impossible, but he took the Job as he had incepted an idea in his wife before, which came to cause her death and it haunts him even today.

The part to notice is the dream in a dream concept, he goes in a dream, then another dream in that, and goes till four levels, and then there is a time difference, where this is by far my favorite part of the movie, where the van is falling in a very slow motion as they are fighting the subconcious on the fourth level.

Now, the concept is simple, one minute in the real world turns into hours in the dream world and that time increases multifold as you keep going inside dreams ... So in the movie a period of a few seconds were a few hours in the fourth  level. (Let me not go down to the details)

Now, let me take you through the current time differences

For full details click here

But in short

1 Deity day = 1 year of the Human world
1 Year of Deities = 365 Years of Humans
So one chartuyuga of deities = 12000 yrs of deities (Also called maha yuga)

One Manavantara is 71 such mahayugas - One Indra rules for one Manavantar
There are 14 such Manavantars in one Kalp, which is one day of Brahma ... after this brahma sleeps for the same time where the entire creation is wiped out

Similarly, Brahma Lives for 100 years, after which brahma goes away and that status is called "Prakritik Pralay", that is a period of 4 seconds for Krishna (an eyeblink) in Goloka

Now, I did mention about the "Mahavirat" in my older post (Karshati iti Krishna) I will paste the image here

Now, the Maha virat, sleeps in the the seas, and he breathes in and breathes out, that creates these bubbles (or Universes), when he breathes back in , the bubbles are pulled in and anhilated. He dreams of the whole creation and of Brhma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Three Gunas) in every universe, and so in his dream, the 3 powers are created. Then brahma, with his yoga creates the remaining of the creation and it goes on.

If you actually notice, the whole dream thing falls in place (4 secs of the ultimate dreamer) are 100 years of brahma ( which is first level of his dream) and then 1 day of brahma is 1 Kalp (it is called Kalp because its made from Kalpana, Meaning Imagination), so he imagines or dreams of a Manu ... in which the Manavantar begins and the creation starts . Again that is divided in multiple dreams in hierachy and we are almost at the bottom of the dream chain, so we here time goes a lot more faster than the upper levels. (That is exactly what Inception showed? No )

Having said, this, thats why the complete Aatma - Paramaatma concept with karma comes into picture. I am not sure if Hollywood realised when they made this movie, but they to some extent showed the world of the dream or removing the concious of existance and living in a different world , thats why this world is said of made of Maya ...

I think there was enough heavy concepts for one post ... Thanks for reading ...


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