I am Back …

After spending a little over 2 months, I am back from the US. The trip went fairly well, got to see a new place. The only complaint is I didn’t get to go to Florida… I had this grand plan of driving to Florida, getting to Orlando, going around a few parks there (including Disney :) ) then from there going to Miami and then drive all the way to Key West; but this couldn’t happen cause I never found any one to go with me :(. But no complaints, I will probably go down there next time.

I think its time, I pen down all i have experienced in the US. I landed there on the 2nd of March, Simmy was supposed to be picking me up but unfortunately for me that day, it snowed !!!

I land at about 3 in the evening and then travelled about 40 miles to Alpharetta and checked in the Hilton nearby my office. Simmy and Reni were there to check on me, we sat there chatting for a hour or so then we decide to go out and pick some stuff out… basically, my first visit on the road in the US in Alpharetta… I was impressed by the snow. Though it hadn’t snowed a lot and it was also starting to clear out, I hadn’t seen snow in my life. (Yes… Never!!!)

The first week was fairly exciting, I had got my cubicle assigned and started to work. for the food, being a vegetarian by choice, I dint really have a lot of options… Thankfully for the Sub Way and Sai Murli (Indian restaurant) I did not starve to death. I did try some different cuisines, but every where I asked for Vegetarian, i wasnt given a lot of options, but I am glad they did have some stuff.

The first weekend, Reni, Vinny, his family and Me, all headed to do some shopping, we had hired a Pontiac G6 and drove down to the Northpoint Mall, did some shopping and ended the day with some Mexican food at the Ta Humata.

The next day we headed of to Chattanooga, Tennessee. This was interesting, we drove about 200 Miles, and visited the Tennessee Aquarium, Choo Choo train, River Gorge Explorer… It was amazing.

Another week of hectic work followed… after which I flew to Cincinnati, OH for a week on company business. I landed in Dayton Airport and travelled about 65 Miles to the hotel. After that week I came back to Atlanta, the night I was coming back was again one of the kind… I was waiting for about an hour to pick my luggage up after that I take a taxi and the taxi breaks down in middle of no where, then we call Buckhead taxi service and get me a ride back to the hotel, just to find out there there was some issue going on and i had to get on call, I slept only at about 3 in the morning.

The next few weeks were uneventful, Then one weekend, when spring was on it bloom, i walked about 4 miles around the place where i stayed and managed to get some pictures. It was really beautiful… at least the cherry blossoms.

Another weekend, Sam took me on a tour of Atlanta downtown and stone mountain, where i saw a laser light show. Pretty awesome !!!

Well… that’s it for now, will continue on the other stuff i did later…


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