Flying to Atlanta

I am flying to Atlanta today, and I write this blog here sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight which has been delayed by an hour. After a long day at the office, which seemed even longer because I had to wait for the cash and then the tickets (As usual, things were not very organized and had to do last moment modifications)and then had to prepare a training schedule for the people who I have never met or for that matter even spoken to, apart for the regular greetings that we exchange out of courtesy. Just to add to the madness, the  shared drives went down, and then we had to discuss Service Remediation (A project that I take care of), with absolute zero data. I somehow bade farewell to people and with great difficulty was able to get out of office at about 8:15 PM. I then came to KP’s place, where I had all my belongings packed and ready to fly.

This trip has not exactly been like the ones I have had before. First there were some delays in me getting my Visa done, and then starts the madness. I start from Chennai on Thursday night to Bangalore, hoping to collect my Forex, Tickets and travel insurance. To my dismay, none were ready and to my greatest shocks, I wasn’t getting a ticket from Chennai but from Bangalore. After trying my best to fly from Chennai and overwhelming pressure from the management to fly ASAP, i had to agree. That means more travel for me, I took a bus from Bangalore to Chennai on the Saturday, and then packed my bags and came back to Bangalore on the Monday morning, where the above mentioned scene happens.

I was expecting  all this to get over, and I drop into the BIAL 45 Km from KP’s place. I stand in the queue to check my baggage in after collecting my boarding pass from the Kiosk. After an hour long wait in the Q, i finally reach the counter, where they are requesting me to fly a different sector and on complete different date. All this due to the fact that Air France had gotten cancelled yesterday due to thunder storms at Paris and the crowd was mostly of aged people not ready to fly anything unknown or un anticipated. They were trying to transit me at Dubai and London and then take a completely different airline. I did some due consideration but nothing seemed to be workable. I finally had to take the call and I took the call that I will fly as scheduled.

I finally checked in my baggage. Now the flight is about 1 hr late at Bangalore and so is the arrival at Paris is also delayed, I now have about 1 and half hours  between the connecting flights.

Anycase having siad all that happened to me within the past few says, I would leave a note that I will be in Atlanta for the next 3 months and I am returning to BLR on the 30 th of May.

Cheers !!!


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